Contract: EN-00115-03-07
Bid Summary
Roadway Begin
A - Northeast Extension
Mile Post Begin
Roadway End
A - Northeast Extension
Mile Post End
Project Types
Cashless Toll Facility
Federal Project Number
Bid Opening Date/Time
1/23/2019 11:00:00 AM
Project Description
Construction of ORT Cashless Tolling Facility Between Milepost A-123.29 and Milepost A-123.51 in Lackawanna County
Major Work Items
196 CY Excavation, Class 1 (Includes For Information Only Quantities)
116 CY Excavation, Class 1B
105 CY Selected Borrow Excavation, Various
155 TON Subbase (No. 2A)
907 TON Superpave Asphalt Materials (Base, Binder & Wearing Courses)
362.5 LF Guide rail, Type 31-S, Type 31-SC and Type 31-SCC
173 CY Class 3 Excavation
45 CY Class A Cement Concrete
53 CY Class AAA Cement Concrete
20,833 LB Fabricated Structural Steel, Various Grades
13,100 LB Reinforcement Bars, Epoxy Coated
40 LF Drilled Shafts in Soil