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Business Partner User and Email Cleanup Notice

This is a reminder that it is the responsibility of the Business Partner to manage and maintain the EBS user accounts and email addresses for their organization. Many emails generated by EBS intended for business partner users are bounced back to EBS as undeliverable. This may be due to an incorrect email address being entered when the user account was created, the email address changed but was not updated in EBS or the intended recipient is no longer with the business partner.

Please take this time to review the list of your user accounts and update as needed. If an individual is no longer employed with your organization, deactivate their user account. Failure to do so may result in your business partner ID being deactivated.

Registration as a business partner is required for users to access project plans, specifications and/or bid documents. Registration is not required to view the Notice to Bidders, Planholder lists, Bid Items and/or bid results.

Starting January 20, 2020, we will begin deactivating business partner accounts whose admin accounts have not been active in 183 days or if the e-mail to the designated admin account is bounced back as undeliverable. If you need assistance, please contact the EBS Help Desk.

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