Contract: T-049.00T001-3-04
Bid Summary
Roadway Begin
T - Main Line
Mile Post Begin
Roadway End
T - Main Line
Mile Post End
Project Types
Federal Project Number
Bid Opening Date/Time
3/25/2020 11:00:00 AM
Project Description
Construction of SR 2058 (Hulton Road) at Milepost 49.53 in Allegheny County
Major Work Items
5,969 CY Excavation, Various Classes
1,218 CY Flowable Backfill, Type C
3,622 SY Superpave Asphalt Mixture, WMA, Wearing Course, 1 ½” Depth
3,510 SY Superpave Asphalt Mixture, WMA, Binder Course, 2 ½” Depth
3,591 SY Superpave Asphalt Mixture, WMA, Base Course, 5” Depth
3,784 SY Subbase, (No. 2A), Various Depths
193 SY Plain Cement Concrete Pavement, 6” Depth
754 LF Drainage Pipe, Various Sizes and Types
8 EACH Inlets, Various Sizes and Types
884 LF 6” Pavement Base Drain
902 LF Barrier, Various Sizes and Types
1,110 SY Topsoil Furnished and Placed, 6” depth
1,093 SY Rolled Erosion Control Products
240 CY Selected Borrow Excavation Rock, Class R-3