Contract: T-186.20S004-3-02
Bid Summary
Roadway Begin
T - Main Line
Mile Post Begin
Roadway End
T - Main Line
Mile Post End
Project Types
Federal Project Number
Bid Opening Date/Time
6/19/2019 11:00:00 AM
Project Description
Rehabilitation of the Tuscarora Tunnel and Bridges B-561 and B-562 Between Milepost 185.89 and Milepost 187.49 in Huntingdon and Franklin Counties
Major Work Items
16,364 SY Ceiling Demolition (Types 1 and 2)
287,590 SF Waterproofing System
7,030 CY Shotcrete Lining
86 EA Type M Inlets
826 SY Plain Cement Concrete Base Course, 10” Depth, Accelerated
2,642 CY Class AA Cement Concrete (Barriers)
1,229 LF Concrete Median Barrier, 34”
42,177 SY Milling of Bituminous Pavement, Various Depths
6,569 TONS Superpave Base Course
2,413 TONS Superpave Binder Course
9,387 TONS Superpave Wearing Course
1,804 EA LED Tunnel Luminaires
10 EA Dynamic Message Signs
42 EA Lane Control Signs (Single sided and Double sided)
42 EA CCTV (Standard Color and Thermal)
12 EA Tunnel Ventilation Fans
180,061 LF Exposed Conduit in Tunnel
24 EA Motor Starters
4 EA Diesel Emergency Generators
1,220 SY Membrane Waterproofing System Installed on Bridge Deck
3,295 SF Concrete Bridge Deck Repair, Types 2 and 3
180 LF Asphaltic Plug Expansion Joint