Contract: T-241.96S001-3-02
Bid Summary
Roadway Begin
T - Main Line
Mile Post Begin
Roadway End
T - Main Line
Mile Post End
Project Types
Federal Project Number
Bid Opening Date/Time
2/12/2020 11:00:00 AM
Project Description
Redecking of Bridge EB-203 at Milepost 241.96 in York County
Major Work Items
420 CY Excavation, Various Types
1,386 TON Superpave Asphalt Mixture, HMA Various Courses, Various Mixes
6,322 SY Milling of Existing Bituminous Pavement, 2” Depth
1,750 LF Type 31-S Guide Rail
2,098 LF Temporary Concrete Barrier
1,323 LF Compost Filter Sock, 12” Diameter
18,391 LF 4” Standard Pavement Markings, Paint and Beads, Various Colors
12,848 LF 6” Waterborne Pavement Markings, Various Colors
280 LF 18” Corrugated Galvanized Steel Pipe, Type I
10 EA Type M Inlet, Various Types
129 CY Class AA Cement Concrete
130 CY Class AAAP Cement Concrete
53,200 LB Reinforcement Bars, Epoxy Coated
268 EA Dowel Holes, Various Depth
15,000 SF Painting Existing Structural Steel
16 EA Replace Main Girder Bearings, Fixed and Expansion
6,955 SF Aesthetic Concrete Coatings, Various Types